“My skull and top hat tattoo is the biggest piece I have to date, it is also my most masculine tattoo. I originally wanted two separate tattoos one of an open bird cage with birds flying free, and the skull. My tattooist Dean (whom is an old school tattooer from San Diego) said, ” We can put both together,” and I loved that idea.

The open bird cage with the birds flying free was about my leaving a situation that I just wasn’t suited for any more. It felt like I was discovering freedom again. Many people would probably assume that it was a relationship, however it mostly is about me setting myself free from myself, to stand up and say this is the direction I need to, even if its a lonely road.

My skull…. well I mostly wanted a “proper gentleman’s” skull with a top hat and monocle. It is a a smoking skull and that was a tiny ode to Hunter S. Thompson. Mostly in looking at this piece I wanted it to be colorful with a lot of elements that didn’t necessarily match, because that is a good representation of who I am mostly mix matched.”


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